About this journal

In this web space I am publishing my annotations about the process of adaptation of the political and social structures of the contemporary societies to the new global governance context. The name -Reflective Journal- refers to that basic element of the scientific instrumental where the researcher records, without the need of formal requirements, any possible issue that could be relevant to the ongoing work like embryonic ideas, intuitions, environmental events, feelings or contextual descriptions. Things like incomplete phrasings, apparently unrelated ideas, doodles and even little hearts, smileys or thunders might be expected to appear while flicking through any reflective journal deserving that very name, so I will do my best to be up to the task. The most part of the annotations will be wrote in English, but I will publish some of them in in Galician or in Spanish languages when they could be more significant for those communities.

Just a brief note on science here. I find necessary to remark that, in the case of this virtual journal, the annotations will be published while doing the research work and not at its very end, as it happens in the established practice. I do it that way in order to enable a mechanism to early detect and solve any possible ethical problem that could arise with regard to digital sampling, the base of the quantitative part of the work. It is important both for the scientific community and to the people using the Internet as a social platform, to be conscious about the absence of an established prescription about the use of social data that can be found in the electronic public sphere. This lack of guidance could facilitate a bad scientific praxis breaking the rights to privacy and confidentiality and even threatening the physical and moral integrity of the concerned people. I understand that a proper ethical foundation might be a required element of any substantial scientific project, so I open my reflective journal to facilitate the resolution of that pending issue. In my hypertextual biography you will find more information on how to get in touch with me.

Just to close: I declare my intention to aggregate to this reflective journal those old annotations that I have published since 1997, which seems to be the first blog published in Europe. The recovery of those chunks is becoming hard and my available time is really limited, so they will only appear only in a progressive manner. But they will surely do: because in both cases -current research notes and those ancient ones- have been wrote grounded on the same motivation: to explore the possibilities of cyberspace. Perhaps in a first take the relationship could be not that evident, but my intuition on the need to do it is very strong. Indeed, providing support for that kind of intuitions is exactly the purpose of a reflective journal so, please take it as what it is: an online realtime reflective journal!

Note: the top image is a variation (CSS opacity:0.4) of the lithography entitled 'Drawing Hands' by M. C. Escher. It was printed for the first time in 1948 and represents the paradox of a pair of hands emerging from the opposite sides of a paper sheet by mutually drawing themselves. Let's take the opportunity to note that surrealism is my referential artistic and intellectual movement.. At the top there is a link which provides more information about me.