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Hi! My name is Suso Baleato. I am an analyst specialized in political technology. Currently I'm participating in the technological public policy-making process fostered in the OECD, while I prepare my doctoral dissertation in the University of Konstanz (Germany). This post provides a basic sketch of my personal profile for those interested.

The most part of my professional activity has evolved in the field of Informatics and Computer Science, where I worked for fifteen years managing software projects and administering computer systems both in the public and the private sectors. My interest for those technologies arose while nosing into the mechanism of my toys during my childhood, and it was boosted when I had the intuition about their power to transform and ameliorate the society. «With great power comes great responsibilities», was stated by Voltaire, and I decided to take mines in an energetic way. Digital inclusion, freedom of expression, open software and standards, intellectual property.... either as a governmental technician, a hacktivist in the web and the street or as an expert assessing international organizations, I always tried to contribute towards a sustainable economic model based on values of democratic liberty and social justice. It was that commitment which helped me to discover the political dimension of technology and to feel the need to improve my academic background. I came back to the University, achieved a bachelors degree on Political Science, and then found scientific research as an appropriate environment to develope my intellectual curiosity. I have focused my research work in the areas of cyberspace theory, dynamics of social movements, electronic government and theories of organizational learning and knowledge. Currently I'm pursuing a masters degree to prepare a doctoral dissertation about political technology, as a way to observe the political, economic and social effects of the information and communication technologies. Indeed, this site is the reflective journal where I keep record of my random thoughts related to that research; there is a link at the top providing all the details on the journal.

I am based in Germany, where I was born, but possibly the most appropriate way to characterize me shall be as an European native from Galicia. I am bilingual in Galician and Spanish, I speak Portuguese, English and German, I understand Catalan and I can read texts in French and Italian; learning those two ones and introducing myself into Basque and Chinese are some of my future projects. I am musically heterodox and I play various instruments, including the classic Galician bagpipe. In the chapter of curiosities, it could be meaningful to note that I am considered to be the author of the first European blog and that my work in the field of political technology had been acknowledged by international organizations like the EU and the UN. I'm not a member of any church but I understand the importance of religion for the human being; something which is made clear when looking at how the lack of a religious sense is so frequently filled with fake replacements like money, work or even positivism ;-)

It is possible to find more detailed information visiting my hypertextual biography.