Neutralizing DNS attack on Wikileaks

Wikileaks is under attack. Our freedom of speech is under attack. You can help neutralizing DNS takedown with this simple, completely legal and mainly free ciber-actions. Just choose which best fits you:

A Wikileaks logo. Just an example, choose your best!

Note #0: This post is now (2015-01-12) frozen. Please feel free to contact me in case you need anything related with this post. Thanks to your support, the Wikileaks project is now running 'normally', and many other instances are spreading througout the world. Assange is now (still) in the Ecuador embassy, thanks to President Rafael Correa's network committment with freedom of speech and justice. I was not happy having him accepting the monitoring device, but now I understand it was the better decission. It could be sad to think about the current situation. However, he is still resisting there, which is a symbol of how the flame of liberty is alive, and an example of resistance for everyone of us. It was 60000 pageviews when I removed it from blogger, the platform that hosted my blog when all this happened. Not sure about the meaning of the numbers, that is probably the less meaningful issue. I hope that my initiative with this post contributed a bit. I keep this post frozen just for future reference.

Note #1: I'm astonished. More than 35.000 pageviews and growing -up to 10.000 in the first 24 hours (UPDATE: 60.000 when moved from blogger on 2015.01.12; statistics are no longer available since blogger stops referencing them when removing the posts)-, thousands of visitors from all over the world -mainly Europe and the USA- and references from the most popular social networks and trusted journals like The Guardian or El Pais and the Time magazine turned this post in a central reference for the Wikileaks struggle. Here it is a map showing the global impact of the Wikileaks issue from this battlefield; I've added more statistics and graphics with coments at the end of the post.

Note #2: the the post is growing so fast that is becomming difficult to read. To make it easy for you, here you'll find fast links to reach the most visited contents:
  1. How to neutralize attack: easy, legal and free ways to help Wikileaks.
  2. Updates from the battlefield: only facts relevant to the infowar phenomena.
  3. Mapping the #infowar: stats and graphs from the battlefield
Please, don't give up. Freedom of speech, right to information: democracy itself: all they are now in our hearts, heads and hands.

SECTION 1.- How to neutralize attack on Wikileaks
  1. MIRRORDou you have available space (~2 GB) on your website?  Then you can help creating a mirror -ie a full copy of the Wikileaks website- and making it available under your own domain. That way Wikileaks will resist even the hardest attack because their data will be distributed across thousands of independent random sites all over the network. Here you have instructions to set up a mirror. After that, don't forget to register your mirror in order to make it reachable for anyone and: share it on your social networks.
  2. SUBDOMAIN. Are you the legal owner of a top level domain name? (like  Then go to your domain control panel and create a new subdomain "wikileaks" binded to the IP address (new IP updated 2010.12.04 17:36) That way a new domain name will be created allowing global access to the censored Wikileaks server from your own domain. My own: Again: don't forget to share your contribution in your social networks!
  3. GRAPHICS. Do you have a blog, personal webpage or the like? Then add in your frontpage or in a new post an image linking to the latter IP address. That way your page will show a Wikileaks logo allowing an easy access to the censored server by just clicking on it. This is an example HTML code you can  copy&paste and adapt for your needings; the nice people of Devianart has proposed a set of really nice art and they let you use it for free (don't forget to say them thank you!):<a href=""><img src="" width="100px" />
  4. TEXT. Enacting the narrative is a very easy but very critical part: to keep your friends and family updated, letting them to know that all this is about censorship:
    • Be updated!. Your information will be more valuable when it is accurate and updated. You can help others to solve any doubt and you will be able to refute any false or weak information. These are the main sources I was using to get up-to-the-minute updates:
        • WLCentral a self-named unofficial WikiLeaks information resource. I was following them those days and they are very accurate and real-time.
          • The journals which are publishing the details of the cablegate, specially The Guardian for english speakers and El Pais for spanish ones.
            • Share the relevant information and initiatives in your social netwoks. Each time you publish something about this in your Facebook Wall or each time you share or "like" a posts from others; and each time you publish at Twitter with  #imwikileaks hashtag or when you retweet updates, you will be strengthening the tights between all the concerned people and also engaging new more people to the cause. 
              • Write posts and comments. Can you publish news or comments? Some people, specially in northern countries, does still have the freedom to express themselves in public ;o). If you are one of those fortunate individuals, please think about what the censorship of wikileaks mean to your own freedom of speech. Yes, you are right: you are loosing your freedom of speech. Indeed, all we are loosing our freedom of speech. So please: spread the news. Tell your friends about the censorship event, notify them about your new wikileaks subdomain... sharing the Wikileaks mirror list could be a good idea.
              1. MEET. Showing your support to Wikileaks in the street is a very effective way to spread information. You can do it alone -example: hanging a banner from your windows- or together with other people, ranging from standard protests to more creative solutions like flash-mobs. I would encourage you to be creative and to avoid violence. The most funny, the most effective! :) You don't need money, or a strong organization: you just need creativity and initiative. Want an example? This one was found at El Pais:
                Foto: AFP, WILLIAM WEST. Found at Eskup (El Pais)
                Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Australia, USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Austria, Netherlands, Perú... protests and events are beeing organized all over the world right now. Organize yours or join one of them!

                Is it needless to explain that those ciberactions are not intended to just "solve" any technical problem, because the problem is not a technical -but a political one. Don't forget the reason why Wikileaks is under attack: powerful governments and corporations are trying to hide their "movements in the dark" from the public scrutiny.

                While engaging into any of those simple simbolic but effective ciberactions you will be so expressing your support to the Wikileaks project in the public sphere. That way you will be showing to your national politicians and corporations that freedom of speech and right to information access are values you want them to protect. This is what I call "enacting the narrative" and that is what I consideer to be the main strategy of the Wikileaks tr00ps to win this #infowar. Quoting John Perry Barlow:
                The first serious infowar is now engaged. The field of battle is WikiLeaks. You are the troops.
                Perhaps we can find a better way for expressing that metaphore without belic ideas implicit; meanwhile that sentence is a very good description/ proposal about what is happening here. So: for those who will be considering to play with cyber-violence, I would like to ask them to remember that: making war for peace is like making love for virginity! (-;{

                SECTION 2.- INFOWAR UPDATED
                Latest updates about the most relevant events of the Wikileaks #infowar. Here you'll find also: a) maps and graphs of the #infowar; b) easy, legal and free ways to help Wikileaks.
                Updated 2010.12.16 19:02 GMT+1
                • A few minutes ago, Wikileaks editor-in-chief has been released, with conditions. Available it is an audio copy of the statement he made. Next hearing will be on January 11th 2011.
                • I have the feeling that the time to end of this chronic has arrived. Along these two weeks I was reporting about a somewhat hiden problem -initially setted as a technical one- doing my best to spread the issue, framing it in terms of two foundations of the republican concept of democracy: freedom speech and right to information. Looking at the statistics, this post seems to have been somewhat influential, or at least coherent and usefull with the Wikileaks phenomena. Both in terms of visitors/ pageviews and referrals, the statistics are impressive. Now the phenomena is in the media, correctly under that democratic and human rights frame. I think time has arrived for collective action; the wikileaks issue might now be incardinated in the more comprehensive global justice movement, since the basic positions are esentially the same. The role for less-influential individuals like me, might only have a fit in the layer of anonymous. So: time to become anonymous -again.
                • I would like to express my gratitude for two inputs who came from the academia -Professor Sebastian Haunss (Universität Konstanz) and Dr. Raimundo Viejo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). Also, to my family, since I stealed them so much time to contribute with this effort. Hope and love.
                Updated 2010.12.16 14:00 GMT+1

                • Tom Rayner de Sky News informa: Assange granted conditional bail (via twitter)
                • Another technical trick: some journalists are tweeting the hearing... from outside Court :)
                • More info from the Court. Assange is passing notes from dock to the defense, clarifying dates of arrival/departure from Sweeden and UK. Defense says Assange is accused only of the minor penalty of the Sweedish typology. Ten minutes to lunch, if judge does not decide now, then it will be after lunch break. 
                • Interesting. Judge has forbided tweeting from Court, but I'm able to still following the case. The British CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) said four reasons to appeal (Assange has no ties to UK, will flee if granted bail, nature and seriousness of alleged offences). Just while writing this update, Crown finished presenting case and Assange lawyers are going now about to speak How do I now this? Well, Judge has only forbiden tweeting but there still are other kind of telecommunication. I'll provide the link to the place which is reporting live from the Court after hearing is finished : it was through Sky News live update service. Meanwhile I'll update here. The Guardian has also made available this Audioboo update on comments from the judge.

                Foto: GETTY. Assange through tinted windows. Photogenic, isn't it?

                Updated 2010.12.14 17:29 GMT+1
                • Assange has been granted bail, after a permanent address in the UK and £240,000 were granted as surety, among other polemic conditions.You'll find all details in the best world coverage of the Wikileaks attacks -The Guardian live updates. Perhaps Assange might not accept conditional freedom if a compulsory monitoring electronic remote device is included in the conditions.
                • The Swedish Government can still appeal the British Court decission; anyway I hope they do not do that since there are no judiciary proof of the suposed charges. As it was stated by committed director Ken Loach "Clearly, if the Swedish government opposes bail it will show there is some vindictiveness beyond this case. It will show there is some political element that goes beyond the case. I don't believe that the Swedish citizens could be able agree that kind of corruption from their Government.
                • I have the feeling that the time for finishing this chronic is arriving. Probably my rol as blogger has done yet. More about this comming soon.
                Updated 2010.12.14 16.06 GMT+1
                Updated 2010.12.14 12:32 GMT+1

                Updated 2010.12.14 9:55 GMT+1

                Updated 2010.12.13 23:13 GMT+1
                • Julian Assange was choosed TIME's person of the Year 2010. He is expected to appear tomorrow 14th December at the British Court, hopefully to be released, since there are still no solid charges against him.
                • To analize the impact of the protest and demonstrations, I have updated the stats and graphics. In brief: more than 35.000 pageviews, Spain has turned the most active country with the USA and Germany. The main reference is Eskup, the social network of El Pais, while The Guardian and Time still continue to be main referrers. While Twitter still is the preferred generic social network, a new player has entered the game: StumbleUpon, which has  just overpassed Facebook.
                • A gathering is organized to think and talk about Wikileaks and Journalism, organized by El Pais.
                • WikiLeaks’s Assange gains influential defenders (The Washington Post)

                Updated 2010.12.13 17:05 GMT+1
                Updated 2010.12.12 23:21 GMT+1
                Updated 2010.12.12 02:39 GMT+1
                • is back! Remember: around 04:00 GMT, Friday 3th December, DNS lookups on began to fail, stopping to provide the server's IP address as an answer. As Wikileaks tweeted later, this failure was caused by the DNS company who "killed" the domain name: that was the attack which mades me opening this post. So: right now, just a few minutes ago, DNS lookups has started to work again and now the TLD is properly working. Clearly Wikileaks took back control of their main domain name, and they have redirected it to were all leaks can be viewed and dowloaded! This can be summarized in just one word: VICTORIA! 
                • Und last but not least... 1687 sites in the mirror network... and growing! :o)
                • WikiLeaks is Back! VICTORIA! :D
                  Updated 2010.12.12 01:29 GMT+1
                  • From a comentar: "keep on using new twitter hashtag #WLrally for all info on wikileaks rallies worldwide, thx."
                  • Also, I might insist you to watch WikiRebels, a high-quality documentary about Wikileaks, which shows the real impact and depth of the leaks, which clarifies the figure of Julian Assange, which explains how the sexual "scandal" was produced, which talks about the reasons why OpenLeaks has born... and other interesting very aspects about this phenomena. Only available online until 13th Dezember!.
                  • Julian Assange's mother deffends her son (video)
                  • Why Assange and Wikileaks have won this round
                  Updated 2010.12.11 22:24 GMT+1

                  Updated 2010.12.11 13:14 GMT+1
                  • I'm very proud of my nation, Galicia, and specially the atlantic city of A Coruña, because of their very active involvement in this struggle -along with a lot of other fellow cities from Spain!. I would ask all Galicians to use our fancy new trains to arrive today at 18:00 at the Obelisco (just 20 minutes from Santiago de Compostela or Vigo!), were the most concerned people will show their support to Wikileaks at the consulate of Sweeden.
                  • Article from Manuel Castells (Princeton University): The Cyberwar of Wikileaks.  "The ciberwar has begun. It is not a cyberwar between states, as expected, but between states and the civil society itself. Never again will the governments be sure to keep their citizens in the ignorance of their manouvres. Because while there exists people able to do leaks and an internet with wikis, there will arouse new generations of Wikileaks"
                  • Nice graphic art on free speech and censorship, compiled by Cyberyan (I love those tweets!).
                  • Confirmed. The Anonymous Internet gathering has officially and effectively changed the strategy. Instead of DoSing servers, it was launched the Operation Leakspin, opened an specific site (see update below) and now the new message is massively retweeted:  "REPEAT WITH ME >> FILL THE WEB WITH LEAKS! FILL THE WEB WITH LEAKS! // #anonops #payback #Wikileaks #cablegate #leakspin" Good! Let's enact the narrative of victory!
                  Updated 2010.12.10 23:14 GMT+1

                  Updated 2010.12.10 21:51 GMT+1
                  • It seems that the teenager arrested is Jeroenz0r, IRC operator of, one of the former IRC channels of Operation Payback 
                  • Avaaz is reporting, by mail, that they have collected near 400.000 signatures in just one day  for their petition to stop Wikileaks crackdown. They want to reach 1.000.000 signatures so... go on and sign that!
                  • The Internet Society (ISOC) has release a statement on the Wikileaks issue"Free expression should not be restricted by governmental or private controls over computer hardware or software, telecommunications infrastructure, or other essential components of the Internet".
                  • The Wikileaks mirror network has expanded to 1559 sites. 
                  Updated 2010.12.10 18:14 GMT+1
                  Updated 2010.12.10 14:26 GMT+1
                  • Wikileaks releases an Statement on DDOS attacks: Anonymous is not not affiliated with them. Wikileaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson said: “We neither condemn nor applaud these attacks. We believe they are a reflection of public opinion on the actions of the targets.
                  • Amazon is selling a ebook about Wikileaks cables. There is some controversy about that company selling such a book after having closed the Wikileaks account.
                  • A fork of the Wikileaks project had been annouced: OpenLeaks. Forbes guys explain why.
                  • Alt2600 condemns DoS attacks against Wikileaks censors
                  • In a document presented as a press release of ANON OPS  it is stated that "Anonymous is not a group, but rather an Internet gathering". Very interesting to analyze the phenomena.
                  • Another calling for action shows a change of strategy: Operation Leakspin, which intends to spread cablegate contents everywhere. Good done! But sametime a new DoS target was setted up. So: unclear position. Let's monitor Operation Payback to obtain an answer.

                  Updated 2010.12.09 21:01 GMT+1
                  Updated 2010.12.09 17:23 GMT+1

                  Updated 2010.12.09 17:23 GMT+1
                  Updated 2010.12.09 12:39 GMT+1
                  • Finally the expected massive DoS attack were limited to only two electronic transactions companies who has denied their services to Wikileaks. It seems that their transactionary systems were temporaly down. I'm happy that finally you fellow warriors have re-considered your initial targets. I hope my words have helped you to modulate those initial intentions. It is still necessary to have some thinking about answering violence with violence. I'll try to write something about that in the next days, hoping it can be helpful.
                  • I would like to express my gratitude for Silvi Semloh, a cognitive hacker who has helped me yesterday to counterfight the violence tsunami, achieving to turn it in a constructive and positive behaviour (war is over/ if you want it/ war is over/ now).
                  • It was published a letter to the media, and all citizens of the free world signed by a group called Anonymous. This is the name which was associated to those  DoS attacks I referred before. I would recommend to read that text because it is very illustrative both about the good will of that people gleichzeit their strong lack of understanding of concepts like representation or legitimacy. Meaningful is the absence of the term "democracy". Please, think about that.

                  Updated 2010.12.09 3:52 GMT+1
                  • Paypal will release all remaining funds to Wikileaks. They recognize to have been influenced by a statement of the US Department of State.
                  • The mirror networks go up to 1334 sites
                  • This smells like VICTORY! :)
                  • I added my findings on the #infowar mapping.

                  Updated 2010.12.08 21:42 GMT+1
                  Updated 2010.12.08 15:22 GMT+1

                  Updated 2010.12.08 12:54 GMT+1

                  Updated 2010.12.08 02:58 GMT+1
                  • STATEMENT: "We will not be gagged" #cablegate #censorship
                  • Reached more than 1000 mirrored servers!
                  • More useful tags: #freeassange #avengeassange

                  Updated 2010.12.07 20:47  GMT+1 To follow the situation I want to recommend two serious and reliable informations sources: the british The Guardian for english speakers, and El Pais for spanish ones. They both are linking this post as well.
                  1. The editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, Mr. Julian Assange, has been remanded in custody (ES: prisión preventiva) until 14 Dezember. Don´t get alarmed: this are strange, although good news. I know this can sound crazy but please remember: a) there are people promoting damage -even assasination- against Mr. Assange, and b) there are governments trying to apply extradition agreements in order to capture him. Thanks to this decission of the British Court, he will be protected against any physicall injury, and he will be under a very flexible regime which allows him to receive visits and to maintain communication with outside. As a proof for the status of normality of this situation, I would like to forward you to the official anounce of the Wikileaks project after, stating that "tonight we will release more cables as normal".
                  2. Message #1 for the troops. Subject: Targeting the battlefield of the infowar. The battlefield is not the servers of those companies who are suspending their cloud services. The battlefield is not the websites of those governments who are legitimating the censorship of the Wikileaks. Those companies and governments are just puppets doing exactly what the joint transnational corporations interest want them to do in order to keep their hegemonic position on this new global order. If we want to win the Wikileaks infowar we need to focus on the causes, not only the effects. The enemy to fight is not hidden in those servers; the enemy to fight is hidden in the wordsand images which are beeing massively inoculated in the minds of our family, our friends and the rest of our societies to make them to believe that any resistance is futile against their regime of secrecy and violence, using the very visible example of Julian Assange. The winner of this infowar will be the combatant who can make their narrative prevail: our narrative of democracy, transparency and welfare might be able to defeat their narrative of violence, secrecy and global fear. They are using the mass-media as a weapon to inoculate lies, sexual scandals and hate. We might use our own resources over the Internet to act as global whole demanding free speech and right to information. Thus, the battlefield is not the communication network; the network is the nervous system of the human progress: the real battlefield of this infowar is the nonspace of our globally connected minds. Wanna fight for global freedom? Then go back to the top of this post, and be sure to understand and put in practice all of the proposed actions. Let's spread our narrative engaging more and more people to the resistance!
                  3. The mirror network has reached 748 alternative servers today!. In a few hours it will be reached  1.000.000 supporters at the Facebook page of Wikileaks!. Those are great numbers: those are numbers of victory! Don't forget to let the people now about that!

                  Updated 2010.12.06 20:40  GMT+1 
                  1. Last 24h people was reporting problems with Twitter, since the tag #Wikileaks is not the most important one reported by their statistical system. Some people has even proposed an argument about censorship (@bubbloy thanks for that hard work!). Human beeings always tend to think that their our own issue is the most important one. Yes, this wikileaks thing is *really* important, but please: we will not be able to know whether Twitter is manipulating those statistics or not because we don't know the algorithm they use. That's a good example of why we must choose open source when we can. Thus, probably the most effective action concerning that issue could be to ask Twitter fellows to liberate the code of the algorithm. After doing that, please focus on a more effective action; as an example: the next one ;).
                  2. An official press release states that Wikileaks' Defence Fund  (the donations to support costs of lawyers, papers, legal taxes and the like) was frozen by the Swiss bank SBPF. You can directly express your complains to that bank (please, be polite: it will be more effective) electronically using this formular (DE, EN, FR, IT) and also you can call them directly by phone at 0848 888 710. I must insist: please be polite because on the other side there are humans like you an me, so please: don't spread violence. We simply don't need it to solve this.
                  3. Meanwhile, Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 507 sites (source: official Wikileaks site) This is a *great* success! We are in the right way! Let's continue sharing and spreading the news!
                  Updated 2010.12.04 15:36 GMT+1 Wikileaks was using Paypal service in order to allow people an easy way to support the project by donating money. This was possible thanks to the german Wau Holland Foundation. Suddenly today Paypal has decided to suspend the german account complaining that Wikileaks freedom of speech activity does not fit Paypal's Acceptable Use Policy. It is important to remember that Wikileaks work is completely legal -it is Freedom of Speech!!. Following Paypal's logic then Time Magazine is performing an illegal action publishing the cover this month.

                  Dezember's cover of the prestigious magazine Time.

                  We are succeeding in adding the Wikileaks censorship issue in the public agenda. Perhaps the time has come to propose a boycott against those companies who are suspending the services which support Wikileaks activity?. Please, think about that.

                  Meanwhile, remember that you can still choose anyone of the alternative ways to donate Wikileaks.

                  Updated 2010.12.03 21:36 GMT+1 Of course there is the possibility that you don't fit in any of those cathegories. But you want to help anyway. So what to do then? Don't get frustrated! Remember that you have the most powerful tool to contribute to social changing: creativity. And also remember that you don't need to rely on the cyberspace: you can make use of the phone, you can send a letter to paper journals, you can write an article for your preferred magazine, you can hang a banner on your window... What about phone-calling your friends and family? Talk about the case, ask yourselves how you can make a contribution and organize some action -the most funny, the most effective- together. Also: what about showing your support to Wikileaks on the street?.

                  Finally, if you don't feel confident enough to engage something by yourself, remember that you can always join the efforts of others! You can join some organization which shares those values with you. If that's your case, I'd like to strongly suggest you joining the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, an organization with a clear commitment with electronic rights where you'll find a lot of interesting and very competent people.

                  Also there is a very effective alternative if you don't are afraid from participating in governments: find your regional chapter an join the Pirate Party! Specially for those Europeans Wikileaks supporters: think global, act local!

                  SECTION 3.- MAPPING THE #INFOWAR
                  (Measuring the global impact of the Wikileaks phenomena)

                  I'm astonished. More than 35.000 pageviews and growing -up to 10.000 in the first 24 hours-, thousands of visitors from all over the world -mainly Europe and the USA- and references from the most popular social networks and trusted journals like The Guardian or El Pais and the Time magazine turned this post in a central reference for the Wikileaks struggle. These are really big numbers considering that this is just nothing more than a simple blog; and all those pageviews correspond with just one and only post: this one.

                  Update 20101213: To analize the impact of the protest and demonstrations, I have updated the stats and grepahics. In brief: more than 35.000 pageviews, Spain has turned the most active country with the USA and Germany. The main reference is Eskup, the social network of El Pais, while The Guardian and Time still continue to be main referrers. While Twitter still is the preferred generic social network, a new player has entered the game: StumbleUpon, which has  just overpassed Facebook.

                  The Big Numbers: reached 35.000 pageviews ... and growing!
                  More than 35.000 pageviews, as of 20101212. Today the daily pageview count increased from 3000 to 5000!! (TLD working again, mainly visitors from  Spain (El Pais and Meneame), and also increasingly from Stumbleupon. I found a tendency to moderate the growth, so I will observe the behaviour and update after 14th, when Assange is expected to be released.

                  Update 20101209 00:49: today this post has duplicated!!!  its maximal daily  number of aggregated pageviews. There was a peak at 19:00 with more than 1500 pageviews, when DoS attacked were announced. I'm finding those "peaks" every time a major event is published (releasing of cables, court appearances, service cancelations, and the like.
                  Daily pageview numbers were constantly growing after the first boost. This post reached in 20.000 pageviews, and stats are reporting more than 3000 daily pageviews. 

                  I'm not sure about the reason of this suddenly massive audience; why you are reading this and not just any other post. A possible approach could be usefulnes and coherence: the information was useful to understand what's happening and it proposed actions which were coherent with the global Wikileaks phenomena. Following that approach, I thought that it could be useful and coherent also to share statistical and graphical data about the audience who is reaching this post. Perhaps that information can help us to achieve a general view on who we are and how we do.

                  I can't spend too many time processing data, so I simply screenshoted the most meaningful stats provided by Google, who kindly host this blog -thanks for that Google people!. Having those images together, here they are my provisional findings:

                  • This is a global phenomena, specially from the Northern American and European (West and South) countries plus Australia. A great potential could be seen at South America, specially Brazil and Argentina. Also I found South Korea showing a very interesting protagonism; I need to ask about this to my South Korean friends.
                  • We are normal people who integrate their advocacy for freedom of speech and right to information in our work and home activities, using our Android and IPhone smart phones as well as our Windows and Linux/ Mac machines.
                  • We are informed people, who read serious and trusted papers and who are socially well connected with our own cyberhoods. 
                  • We prefer to act in response to specific events that catch our attention (probably with a lot of  influence from mass-media) establishing links of solidarity expressed by engaging in espontaneously proposed and diffused actions.
                  So, those are my findings. Please try to find yours and share them!. Here are the other screenshots:

                  Firefox is the browser of the #infowar. Open Source rulez!

                  Firefox is the preferred browser. It is very interesting to see how the very recent Google Chrome browser has overpased the Microsoft Internet Explorer. More than 70% of the browsers are Open Source.

                  OK, I'm adding here this graphic, because the previous one is somewhat confussing with the Linux usage. I have applied the analizer over the same set of data (aproximately) and this other shows a more accurate view of the things. Windows stills remains the first (very far away for that mytical 99%...), but the second one is Linux, closely followed by Mac. This way is it possible to answer the question on the comments about that "Other Unix" 16% of the previous graph: it reffers to Linux. Good news, because Linux is good for freedom.

                  1.- USA | 2.-Europe | 3.-Australia/ Canada
                  The United States of America is the main active battlefront, following: Europe
                  (Spain, Germany and UK in that order) and Australia.

                  Germany, Spain and the UK: the most active in Europe

                  Germany, Spain and the UK alternates themselves at the pole position in a lot of timeframes. This is a shot from just some seconds ago, beeing Germany the most energetic country. Spain is also one of the most relevant actors, specially in the beginning of the conflict. Brazil is increasingly becomming a main actor as well.
                  Update 20101213: Spain, the most active country
                  After the week of protest and demonstrations, Spain  has overpassed the United States as the most active country reaching this post to deffend Wikileaks. I'm really proud of my spanish fellows there! :)

                  Sources: trusted journals and social networks
                  Update 20101213: ESKUP (the social network of El Pais) appears now as the most important referring site, even overpassing the most active social network Twitter. has redirected a large number of  visits as well; clearly the spanish-language area was the most very active in the days of demonstrations. The Guardian and Time are still showing a lot of activity, and Facebook was overpassed by another social network: StumbleUpon. Things are moving, and its really nice!.
                  Trusted publications like Time, The Guardian or El Pais (via ESKUP, their own fancy social network), as well as the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the main sources of information. That screenshot shows the aggregated visits of last seconds.

                  Direct traffic instead of search engines
                  In this partial segment is it possible to view another interesting thing: adhering to the troops is not from search engines: you came mainly from referring sites and also from direct traffic. This probably has to do with the "real-time" fighting.

                  Main search keywords: #imwikileaks
                  Very few warriors engage from search engines, but the way the enter the troops is verys significative. They are interested in Wikileaks; the personality side of the phenoma (i.e. "assange" related keywords) does not appear at all.

                  Mobile access: Android is fastly approaching Iphone
                  There are a lot of warriors fighting with Apple gadgets!! Android troops are providing their unvaluable as well.

                  I would like to ask the webmasters of the main battlefronts to share your graphs and statistics as I done. That will help others to understand and measure the real dimension of this phenomena. More graphs:
                  I don't know how much time will Google (where this blog is hosted) resist the pressures to obscure this Wikileaks phenomena so: please share this post in your social networks (Facebook, Twitter and the like) to allow other people to engage the resistance against censorship by governments and corporations. Below you'll find a bunch of buttons to easily do that so: use them!

                  comments (frozen, from the previous blogging platform):
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      03.12.10, 18:28 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      03.12.10, 18:51 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      Thanks i will use this to try to help a little bit in order to spread wikileaks
                      03.12.10, 19:52 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      We can use
                      Is a complete mirror of wikileaks website.
                      03.12.10, 19:55 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      In spain we are a lot of people who won't surrender, count with us
                      03.12.10, 20:06 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      03.12.10, 20:19 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      Please feed this list:
                      To create a proxy with your domain:
                      03.12.10, 20:22 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      What can we do if we are not on the three categories mentioned above?
                      03.12.10, 20:32 
                  Alfredo hat gesagt…
                      03.12.10, 20:58 
                  albi hat gesagt…
                      03.12.10, 21:10 
                  Fet hat gesagt…
                      Thanks a lot, Suso.
                      03.12.10, 21:33 
                  _CONEJO hat gesagt…
                      Add another one to the list :
                      03.12.10, 23:40 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      - widht
                      + width
                      04.12.10, 00:37 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      04.12.10, 01:06 
                  Sea Eagle hat gesagt…
                      Here's another one:
                      Thanks for the instructions - it only took a moment for me to set up.
                      04.12.10, 01:10 
                  H hat gesagt…
                      04.12.10, 01:40 
                  Elhomar hat gesagt…
                      Listo, buena idea!
                      04.12.10, 05:05 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      continue guys , u're doing the right things :) god helps u
                      04.12.10, 13:10 
                  Eduardo hat gesagt…
                      los apoyo chicos, creo que si el mundo entero se une podemos tirar a abajo a esos TERRORISTAS que se hacen llamar Estados Unidos contra todos los demas estados. Simplemente hay que concientizar almundo que no nos beneficia en nada su existencia o no, y pueden ser SENCILLAMENTE reemplazables por una organizacion Internacional que pueda brindar los beneficios que los paises CREEN que tienen, como Ayuda militar, Financiamiento y Tecnologias. obviamente detras de todo esto hay algo q mueve a todos los politicos q conocemos y es el billetito verde que se pasan detras de las camaras y de los "cables"
                      05.12.10, 14:53 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      05.12.10, 23:56 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      NewMexicoUSA thanks you!
                      06.12.10, 01:07 
                  romain hat gesagt…
                      Don't Give up !!!
                      06.12.10, 01:27 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      You can also , make posters on deviant art , youtube videos . Etc anything you can do to help . support your local pirate parties too.
                      06.12.10, 01:34 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      Yo babe- est bitchen defunctun dem farfromgroovin freedomfuckrz. Javol!
                      06.12.10, 02:31 
                  Jonathan-Paul Amand hat gesagt…
                      Deviantart is joining the struggle for change, transparency and accountability.
                      06.12.10, 03:25 
                  wikileaksnews hat gesagt…
                      I copy and pasted this entire post to my own little network of blogs just in case this one becomes unavailable. I wouldn't normally, but these are strange days.
                      Copies are listed below:
                      There should be a copy on my tumblr but the site is down so I can't check.
                      06.12.10, 04:00 
                  Rap hat gesagt…
                      how much MB/GB do you have to have free on your hosting space in order to provide a WL mirror?
                      06.12.10, 04:05 
                  Wikileaks Spanish hat gesagt…
                      Spanish version of the wikileaks: Version en Español del Wikileaks
                      06.12.10, 05:35 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      i copied your blogpost into my blog too, thx for your posting !
                      06.12.10, 09:39 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      WikiLeaks Full Mirror Download:
                      Somewhere over the Rainbow…lalala… :)
                      06.12.10, 10:07 
                  Randal hat gesagt…
                      Just created a subdomain.
                      Anyone making a list of accessible subdomains so we could post on digg and other news sites?
                      06.12.10, 12:41 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      dont forget the option spreading the torrent files via bittorrent .... the newest cablegate file, the insurance.AES256, the both diaries:
                      06.12.10, 17:56 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      06.12.10, 21:26 
                  Lucía hat gesagt…
                      Brumasound apoya a Wikileads ¡¡
                      06.12.10, 22:26 
                  McMurphy hat gesagt…
                      07.12.10, 00:36 
                  Junjan hat gesagt…
                      Another way of helping is to share parts of the cablegate in personal websites or in Scribd, Issuu or similar services. For example, I have created a PDF with all the cables from Madrid embassy released for the moment and loaded to my website and to Scribd/Issuu:
                      07.12.10, 01:00 
                  YagoReloaded hat gesagt…
                      Ya está puesto en mi blog.
                      07.12.10, 07:10 
                  TRANSDUCTOR hat gesagt…
                      Thanks for your help. But you forget the point 5.
             follow the instructions. And voilá!!
                      07.12.10, 08:15 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      I'm writing to PayPal. As a result of their "current terms of service", I will not use their service as long as they yield to government pressure.
                      Adding just my drop in the ocean...
                      07.12.10, 12:34 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      07.12.10, 16:18 
                  suso hat gesagt…
                      @Rap: Good point! I've just updated that in the post. Here it is the answer, from the Wikileaks official site: "The complete website should not take more than a couple of GB at the moment (with base website and cablegate data)".
                      @Jonathan-Paul Amand: really beautiful and inspiring Art! I updated the post linking to your comment. Thanks for posting that!
                      @wikileaksnews: I appreciate a lot your action. Please feel free to get what you need. Thansk from my heart! :)
                      @all: Thank you for your warm support. We are succeeding in keeping Wikileaks project up: don't give up, we need to set up this issue in the top of the political and mass media agenda. You can write to paper journals, publish posts, add comments... telephon your local politicians, ask them about their position, show them your concerns... no politician can stand working in our own political systems if they don't support Freedom of Speech and Right to Access Information. Democracy is in our own hands. We *must* win this strange thing.
                      08.12.10, 03:42 
                  WIkibank hat gesagt…
                      Well, I am trying to access the Swiss bank's website, but I can't, don't know if it is my connection or if their servers are down or what...
                      08.12.10, 04:03 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      08.12.10, 04:36 
                  axiomtoday hat gesagt…
                      It's about the revelations not about assange
                      08.12.10, 08:16 
                  david john hat gesagt…
                      thumbs up for this post, keep up the good work!
                      08.12.10, 18:08 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      No surrender!! FIRING MY LAZOR!!
                      No nos rendiremos!! Disparando LOIC!
                      08.12.10, 18:59 
                  Nina Saens hat gesagt…
                      08.12.10, 19:22 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      Entre todos debemos hacer posible un mundo distinto. Fuera la hipocresía.
                      Freedom for J.Assenge!
                      08.12.10, 20:10 
                  Wikileaks Español hat gesagt…
                      Another links to help wikileaks in spanish:
                      Thanks to everibody
                      08.12.10, 20:44 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      I made a poster for spreading the word, you can download it in the link below and do whatever you want with it, print it, use it in your blogs, edit it...
                      08.12.10, 21:03 
                  - hat gesagt…
                      Thanks a lot for the good work!!!!
                      I also like to work from my humble possibilities and I created this support page :
                      Keep us strong and united!!!!
                      08.12.10, 21:29 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      @suso: This is a powerful contribution to the resistance and needs to be spread further around the world. Keep up the good work! Thank you!
                      09.12.10, 00:23 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      09.12.10, 02:26 
                  Kykol hat gesagt…
                      I wonder what these 16% "other Unix" are.
                      09.12.10, 02:34 
                  suso hat gesagt…
                      @Rap: Good point! I've just updated that in the post. Here it is the answer, from the Wikileaks official site: "The complete website should not take more than a couple of GB at the moment (with base website and cablegate data)".
                      @Jonathan-Paul Amand: really beautiful and inspiring Art! I updated the post linking to your comment. Thanks for posting that!
                      @wikileaksnews: I appreciate a lot your action. Please feel free to get what you need. Thansk from my heart! :)
                      @Kykol: I think that 16% might be Linux. See the graphs update.
                      @all: Thank you for your warm support. We are succeeding in keeping Wikileaks project up: don't give up, we need to set up this issue in the top of the political and mass media agenda. You can write to paper journals, publish posts, add comments... telephon your local politicians, ask them about their position, show them your concerns... no politician can stand working in our own political systems if they don't support Freedom of Speech and Right to Access Information. Democracy is in our own hands. We *must* win this strange thing.
                      09.12.10, 15:18 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      Hertor - 10-12-2010 - 12:27:50h
                      Como todo en la vida esto también lo limita la racionalidad. Y veo muchos comentarios y gente que ven los ataques a MasterCard, Visa y Paypal, y los posibles a Twitter o Facebook como una gamberrada, como una guerra o incluso lo llegan a equiparar al movimiento ocupa, parece algo irracional.Como sigan limitándonos la libertad, o al menos intentándolo, llegara el momento en que sólo habrá humanos con derecho a callar en lugar de seres humanos con derecho a pensar . Lo que está ocurriendo es algo justo y racional fruto de un acto injusto e irracional como es la detención de un ser humano ( Julian Assange ) por cometer el delito de dedicar su vida y su trabajo en defender no sólo su derecho a pensar libremente, a no perder su libertad de expresión ó su derecho a defenderse pacificamente contra aquellos que intentan todo lo contrario, utilizando el poder, el dinero y la política, síno los derechos y las libertades de todos nosotros. Su causa es la nuestra.
                      Publicado en un foro del periódico El Pais.
                      10.12.10, 13:36 
                  pablito hat gesagt…
                      WikiLeaks mirror network
                      10.12.10, 15:30 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      Compañeiro seica deberías difundir isto...
                      10.12.10, 17:58 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      AWESOME suso.......Danke..
                      11.12.10, 20:30 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      Check Wikileaks documentary made by Swedish SVTPlay, only watchable online until 13th of dec!
                      11.12.10, 23:40 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      keep on using new twitter hashtag #WLrally for all info on wikileaks rallies worldwide, thx.
                      12.12.10, 01:27 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      MEGACORPS vs FREEDOM
                      Amazon, Paypal (eBay), Mastercard,, etc.
                      "Daddy, daddy. Do you rememer the day when constitutions were replaced by terms of use?"
            ; once "a great piece of software", now "another piece of crap"
                      Verizon.... idem
                      Seriously boys. This machinery is getting bigger and bigger. This is why we need "NET NEUTRALITY"
                      BTW, really informative videos..
                      WikiRebels – The Documentary
                      Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks
                      A Letter from Anonymous, 9th of December 2010
                      PD: parece como si MANUEL VICENT hablase de "vosotros" en el último párrafo de este artículo de opinión en El País:
                      Congrats (polo traballo)
                      12.12.10, 19:30 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      LEAKYSEARCH CENSORED
                      14.12.10, 23:34 
                  Anonym hat gesagt…
                      "This revolution will not be televised"
                      an anonymous net-collage
                       Plz play 
                      (SO COME ON)
                      Ladies an Gentlemen,
                      From the producers of "The Mirrors Conspiracy"...
                      Now we got a new global ciber-activisim phenomenon ...
                      It's happening right NOW...
                      ... and YOU are the main character.
                      (SO COME ON)
                      Operation “Black Face”
                      “Operation Black Face” (aka "Operation Faceoff") is an event scheduled on 18th December 2010.
                      People around the internet would display a black profile pic across the major social networking websites to protest against the state’s hostility against whistle blowers (Wikileaks and Julian Assange).
                      For more info visit:
                      "You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can't jail the Revolution"
                      (SO COME ON)
                      ANONYMOUS - OPERATION LEAKSPIN - A Call To Action
                      "Remember, remember the leaks of December"
                      (SO COME ON)
                      Operation: Leakspin
                      After introducing the concept of 'crowd-journalism' as a subform of crowdsourcing,
                      with it's "Quality Control System" (
                      .... now ... (COME ON)
                      (SO COME ON)
                      Operation Paper-Storm (POSTER)
                      vg. Template:
                      "Remember, Truth is revolucionary"
                      (SO COME ON)
                      Soon on your streets...
                      QR Code Awareness Campaign - A Peacefull and Legal Protest
                      (SO COME ON)
                      See ya my fellow Anons.
                      14.12.10, 23:55