Remembering 1997

I began to experiment with the idea of transmitting electronically my thoughts and emotions so early as 1997. I started to structure and present them in a similar way as contemporary blogs do from 1998 onwards, but using instead the metaphor of the Star Trek's logbook.

In 2007 a social researcher who was identifying the pioneers of the blogosphere suggested me to recover those early posts. Since it seems to be the first European blog, I accepted the challenge... just for discovering the difficulty: since experimenting was the main aim of that activity, I needed/ enjoyed to move those contents across different servers, platforms, services, IP addresses and domains which are partially not reachable anymore.

I spent last two years gathering together all that scattered data and merging it with my old backups. Now (december 2010) I'm starting to recover all that data and in order to make it publicly available from this same blog. Since I do not have any economic or relevance interest in doing this -I understand it as a good way to better improve the knowledge of myself- the progression shall be measured in months -while not in years.

As I said before, I was just experimenting with emotions, thought and tecnology: please don't expect to found nothing more than that. You can find more information in this status post (wrote in Galician language, national language of Galicia; you can translate it using the upper buttons).

2010 12 01: retrospective for english speaking referrers.